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The future of innovation and experience

The future of innovation and experience

We have seen significant change in the marketing world over the last several years including the promise of the Metaverse, the rise of influencers, the demise of 3rd party cookies and increased privacy regulation, the advent of CDPs and now a big promise of Generative AI. The common element has been an acceleration of technology introduction in the marketing and communication realm. How to prepare for the future with these technology shifts happening faster at every cycle? How to ensure true value generation with adoption and scalability? In this session we hear pragmatic approaches from industry leading experts to guide where our focus on innovation should be, how need to think about new tech introduction in the company as well as how sustainable business practices can lead to innovations that benefit both business and society at large.

Moderator: Michael Komasinski, Global CEO, Merkle

Speakers: Filippo Catalano, CIO, Reckitt Polly Sumner, Chief Adoption Officer, Salesforce

8 billion humans and counting: Why human insight will power the next era of innovation

8 billion humans and counting

The world’s population passed 8 billion. This marks more than a milestone - it is forging a new era for humanity. In this session, we’ll explore how human insights can awaken the best of human potential. Hear from modern brand marketers — category leaders across financial services, tech, retail and beverage — who are creating human-centric solutions to future-proof their business and solve for unmet societal needs, while building loyalty across the generational spectrum.

Moderator: Steve Barrett, PR Week

Speakers: Brianne Boles-Marshall, Diverse Media Strategy & Investment Lead, GM Kathleen Hall, Chief Brand Officer, Microsoft Jacki Kelley, CEO, dentsu Americas and Chief Global Client Officer, dentsu

Horizontal creativity as the gateway to growth and good

Horizontal Creativity

dentsu sessions at Cannes Lions 2023:

As an industry, we are being faced with huge challenges, that are being tackled differently all over the world.

The DENTSU CREATIVE Global Creativity Report reviews the certainties: creativity wins. Emotion wins. Innovation and collaboration win.

We know we must think differently because challenging times are no time for business as usual. In this session, we’ll dive into the creative trends that global marketers are prioritizing to help make a better future possible.

Speakers: Patricia McDonald, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Dentsu Creative Magali Mayanda, CMO, Air France Rob van Griensven, Global Digital Director, Heineken Paulo Fogaca, CEO, Dentsu Creative, US

The power of positivity to combat tech toxicity

The Power Of Positivity

As passionate as we are about tech and innovation, there’s no doubt that many consumers question their relationship with technology.

Join us for a conversation featuring one of the greatest A-league footballers to ever play, Rio Ferdinand, who alongside Sue Fenessy, founder of WeAre8, examine the fact that conspiracy theories, cyber bullying, and increasing sophisticated deep fake technologies are eroding consumer confidence in the internet as a place for trusted advice and nuanced debate.​

In this session, we’ll explore how brands and creators have a unique opportunity to combat toxicity through the power of positivity - connecting content, empathy and technology to deliver positive messaging to those who need it most in the right moment. Speakers: Firdaous El Honsali, Global Dove Vice President External Communications and Sustainability, Unilever

Superseding disruption to secure the future of people and the planet

Superseding disruption to secure the future of people and the planet

In the race to secure the wellbeing of all people and the planet, the onus on business to rebalance the scales by influencing how people live, work, travel and consume is non-negotiable. 

Businesses and brands, and by extension, the agencies that design their interactions with the world, are in a unique position to influence consumer behaviour and lifestyles and shape the narrative that will enable the widescale adoption of new norms, technology and infrastructure that could bring about a 40% to 70% reduction in global GHGe. 

This session will make the case for business to lead the world’s sustainable transformation. It will illuminate how this can be done effectively and at the needed pace by establishing sustainability as the organising principle around which market-facing messaging, products, supply chains, organisational culture and business models are designed.

Drawing on recent research on Asia-Pacific marketers’ role in corporate sustainability, on the needle-moving experience of Nestle Indonesia, and on the deep expertise found within dentsu’s Sustainability Accelerator, this presentation and panel discussion will inspire innovation in culture, business practices and content – and at the ecosystem level, fuelling persistent positive change and long-term value growth.

Full Speed Ahead in Sports Marketing with Lando Norris

Full Speed Ahead in Sports Marketing

Join dentsu, Heineken, McLaren Racing, Disney/ESPN and Netflix as we explore the power of fandom and the opportunity to create deeper customer connections through sports media. 

As F1 continues to rise in popularity there are numerous innovative ways for marketers to tap highly engaged audiences across media touchpoints. From live event activation to sponsorship of favorite teams and drivers like McLaren Racing and Lando Norris, touchpoints across ESPN, Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” and beyond—brand engagement around the sport continues to surge. 

What is the future of sports media and how can brands capitalize on next-level fandom?

How brands are connecting with audiences through joy and humour

How brands are connecting with audiences through joy and humour

Since its dawn, the use of humour in advertising been a powerful tool. At its best humour can be iconic and unforgettable, entertaining, and engaging multiple generations around the world. During this era of global conflict, recession, and climate change we are seeing the desire for small moments of joy and play, with opportunities for brands to deliver in this space. The brands able to get this right, identify those moments, empathize, and enable joy through humour will be rewarded.  

The brands able to get this right, identify those moments, empathize, and enable joy through humour will be rewarded. In this session, meet the marketers who are using humour to connect with consumers and drive cultural currency to create brand love and loyalty.

Speakers: Marissa Jarratt, EVP & Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer, 7-ELEVEN Jacob Navok, Founder and CEO, GENVID TECHNOLOGIES Riccardo Fregoso, Chief Creative Officer, Italy, DENTSU CREATIVE Abbey Klaassen, President, New York, DENTSU CREATIVE

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Artful intelligence and the power of prediction

Artful intelligence and the power of prediction

In a society that is artificial enough, we need artful intelligence, not artificial. How can man and machine come together, moving beyond bots, to predict and thoughtfully design the future with AI. Join us to further explore the opportunity to be more intentional in how we augment human intelligence, artfully. Moderator: Mark Bergen, Bloomberg Speakers: Doug Rozen, CEO, Media, dentsu Americas Caroline Yap, Director, AI Practice, Google Cloud

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