Dentsu Africa

Dentsu Mozambique and Create, two agencies under the same roof, joined forces at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo. Their goal? To engage and motivate final-year students specializing in Marketing & Public Relations and Journalism. 

This initiative is a result of a recent agreement with Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), positioning the company as a forward-looking agency. The aim is to bolster the growth of creative industries by offering insights into employment options and the potential to make a mark in this sector. 

Additionally, the event presented an opportunity for young enthusiasts to explore the "CREATERS" internship program. This program, spanning three months and commencing on September 1st, bridges the gap between education and the job market. With guidance from experienced mentors, participants gain valuable experiences to kick-start their careers. 

Cátia de Sousa, General Manager of both agencies, highlighted the significance of the initiative, stating, "Our aim is to guide and nurture these young individuals, helping them uncover their passions and chart their paths. Through this project, we're not just aiding students; we're investing in local talent." 

" CREATERS " serves as a cornerstone for the agency, reinforcing its market presence. The agency, known for its youthful and diverse character, prioritizes clients and meaningful relationships. Their campaigns thrive on the creative blend within their team. 

In essence, the joint effort by Dentsu Mozambique and Create at UEM encapsulates their commitment to empower and propel the talents of tomorrow. It showcases their dedication to shaping skilled professionals and fostering innovation through diversity and creativity. 

For more information, please contact Sylla Faruk through the following contacts:  or +258 84 265 4630