Dentsu South Africa

Discovering the real people behind the data is what makes dentsu's approach unique. We use a combination of our own proprietary, quantitative, qualitative, and real-time data sources to derive real insight about real people.

Research tells us that one of the primary principles of brand success is the ability to connect emotionally over the long-term, embedding a distinct positive feeling between a brand and its consumers. However, to do this and to do it properly, it is vital that brands have a deep understanding of real people, their behaviour, beliefs and ultimately their culture.

Join dentsu as we chat about how we Design for People using bespoke tools that enable us to unpack South African people and their culture, quantitatively, qualitatively and in real-time and then how, as your strategic partner, dentsu activates these insights across media, creative, and within the real-life conversations taking place across our country by harnessing the power of experts, thought leaders, and content creators.

We will also be sharing publicly for the first time our latest data developed system – Zeitgeist, which allows for brands and marketing teams to track and predict the trend of their concepts and conversations in real-time.

Unlike traditional tools that only track what has already happened, Zeitgeist offers a deeper understanding of target audiences and their conversations in real time. This allows brands to connect the authors and influences driving these concepts.

Zeitgeist uses natural language AI and visual AI to continuously monitor radio, TV, social and online media to find the concepts and conversations that your brand might be connected to. The tool is powered by dentsu's proprietary CCS (Customer and Consumer Survey) which allows it to connect offline interview data and demographics to online trending concepts.

With Zeitgeist, brands can change, re-direct and capitalise on their conversations in real-time.

Join celebrity host, actor, comedian, and influencer, Siv Ngesi as he hosts our Designing for People at Advertising Week Africa, on 16th February, at VodaWorld, Midrand at 13h30 – 14h10

Joining the vibrant and interactive conversation will be Emma Odendaal – Content Strategy Director, DENTSU CREATIVE, Megan Sayle – Head of Strategy, Carat, Sechaba Moelefe, Data Analyst, dentsu data and Joel Rao – Managing Director, dentsu Kenya.

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