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The fourth edition in the dentsu wisdom series titled, ‘Entertainment like never before’ has officially launched. Part of a series of clear, actionable reports created by dentsu that assist brands adapt to life in the new normal.  

It’s a whole new era of digital entertainment, in which creators are able to reach and gain traction from their much-valued audiences in a range of new and invigorating ways.

Consumers expect a whole lot more from online platforms they frequent – to feel emotion, take part in real-time events and learn how to do new things. Download the latest report by dentsu to be entertained like never before.

Readers will learn more about the entertainment world and its complexities across the African continent. The paper shares valuable insights into why big players are investing in entertainment platforms in Africa.

Experts shine the spotlight on emerging stars, the neuroscience of storytelling, top streaming companies and how brands are investing in Esports.

Dentsu experts in the field of entertainment together with external authorities - YouTube, True Tribe Network and Esports Factory to name a few, have combined their category knowledge to bring readers the latest trends and insights.   

It comes as no surprise that platforms such as TikTok and YouTube are investing heavily across Africa in growing the creators of the future,” advises senior strategist for
South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa at Carat, Megan Sayle. “Social content as 'bite-sized snippets of everyday life’ has never been a more apt description of this media
as it is today. With platforms such as TikTok becoming increasingly mainstream, we’re seeing a shift away from the beautifully curated Instagram feeds of 2015 to a far more realistic portrayal of everyday reality – something both the creators and consumers, alike, are invested in.”

Readers will get a look at the trends in entertainment and viewership choices at Showmax Africa, a division of the MultiChoice Group from Candice Fangueiro, Head of Content at Showmax Africa. “On Showmax, trendy, current and local-celebrity-based reality content is feeding the need for voyeurism and escapism. Life right now is crazier than fiction and it’s clear that our viewers are choosing to sit back, relax and escape
the chaos of everyday life by slipping into the lives of others.”

Joshua Kelvin, Compliance Executive at Dealswarehouse analysis the top nine streaming companies in Africa and looks at the growth and adaption of the digital music-steaming market.  

Mitchell Collinson, Creative Director, dentsu Mozambique and Alix Liasse, Social Media Manager, dentsu Mozambique dissect the unique situation of the Mozambican entertainment sector referring to it as the, “Odd One”. “Being a Portuguese-speaking nation means there is heavy cultural influence from Portugal, Angola and Brazil.  It is also important to note that while Portuguese is the official language, there are over 40 other languages spoken in the country making the entertainment industry particularly interesting.”

Roy Karuhize, content marketing strategist, creative and the CEO of the TrueTribe Network said, “As much as it sounds generic, or general, it's the truth. We have to get deeper into what the word 'content marketing' really means. And it refers to 'story'; content marketing means storytelling.” In the paper Roy and Joel Rao, CEO of dentsu Digital Brands in East Africa discuss what brands are getting it right in the content marketing and storytelling arena.

To navigate the entertainment industry, dentsu has harnessed the power of their experts to entertain and provide wisdom in the ever-changing world of media – click here to download the report.