Dooshima Sen

Senior Client Executive at Isobar Nigeria

Brands that work hard to make the ways consumers experience their product memorable, will more than likely end up with both brand loyalty and more market share. Dooshima Sen, Senior Client Executive at Isobar Nigeria, shares two examples.

Say goodbye to customer service and hello to customer experiences! A crowded global business environment means that the brands that stand out are the ones that create value-added experiences for both potential and existing consumers.

With the evolution of customer-experience innovations, brands are coming up with ways to make interactions with their products or services simple, memorable and stress-free.

They do this because experiences are a strong emotive driver for consumer consideration and eventual purchase decisions.

Here are some great examples of how we helped some of our brands deliver customer experience innovation:

The King Is Here!

How do you stand out in an already saturated market? Here’s how we helped our client Budweiser launch into the Nigerian market and position itself as the King of Beers.

It was easy to play up the communication around ‘kings’ because this kind of royalty is prominent in the Nigerian culture. This also helped inspire the tagline ‘The King Is Here’.

Our execution
Among our target audience, we created a character leveraging off the love and popularity of the hit television series Game of Thrones. This character was the hand of the King (Budweiser), which delivered the King’s messages leading up to the launch.

We used 3-D videos to direct people to the King’s website to take a King’s test to prove why they were worthy of attending the King’s event, which was the Budweiser launch event.

A few days to launch, we took over the streets of Lagos in a Royal convoy to announce the King’s arrival in Nigeria and collaborated with two popular radio stations, renaming them King FM. For the launch itself, we created the Bud Hotel, where the arrival of the King was celebrated with 800 guests.

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This campaign resulted in US$66,093 worth of earned media. We gained 3,641,118 million impressions and trended on Twitter, organically, at three different times. For a Twitter-only campaign, we were able to pull off a successful launch campaign and position Budweiser not just as a beer, but as a lifestyle for the culture.


To help position Johnnie Walker as a powerful icon of progress among its target audience, Posterscope brought Johnnie Walker’s ‘Keep Walking’ tagline to life.

We tapped into Nigeria’s rich cultural and celebratory spirit by making Johnnie Walker synonymous with the spirit of joy, purpose and progress.

Our execution
The campaign was based on major national celebratory moments such as the 50th anniversary of Lagos State. For four days, there was a 20-minute takeover of one of the most impactful Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens in the city, located at a high-traffic tollgate. The DOOH screen had contextual and personalised messages with the hashtag #ISeeYou, and it was toll-free for people passing during that period, courtesy of Johnnie Walker.

There were also Ambassadors at the toll handing out Johnnie Walker-inspired motivational quotes to celebrate and encourage the resilient spirit of the average Lagosian, who is always striving for progress. Videos and pictures of the activation were published online to amplify the campaign.

The campaign generated earned media across all media platforms, as well as millions of views on social media, worth more than 10 times the amount invested.

The takeaway

The best way to create great customer experiences is to both solve a problem and create magic. Using the unique context of a place and its culture or a shared experience, taps into the consumer’s emotions and pride and helps to bring the message home, as well as deliver ROI.