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Ask yourself a marketer, brand specialist, content creator are you able to track in real-time how your campaign and concepts are landing and sitting with your consumers? Impossible I hear you say, but you would be mistaken. Now with Zeitgeist by Dentsu data, you can.

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Zeitgeist is a proprietary tool created by dentsu data which uses language models and AI to monitor trends, analyse and explore conversations and topics across various media channels, including radio, TV, digital and social channels, in real-time. It helps us gain deeper insights into the hottest topics, conversations, opinions, and trends that are relevant to our brand, industry, or target audience, in real time.

Zeitgeist – A real-time powerful tool with immense potential for marketing and branding

Unlike traditional media monitoring tools, Zeitgeist doesn’t simply highlight trending concepts, hashtags, or brand mentions, it can read, contextualise, and understand how a brand is mentioned, providing more nuanced understanding of its presence across different platforms.

Zeitgeist operates off uniquely powerful prediction algorithms that determine the relevance of a topic and forecast when a concept or conversation will trend up or down, giving us an immediate deeper understanding of our content. It allows us to change and adapt content in real-time, lead and influence conversations while they are trending, identify authors and influencers that are driving conversations to engage and leverage their reach and ultimately minimises paid aggregate wastage.

Zeitgeist is a marketers and content creator’s ultimate tool. To find out more –