Dentsu Africa

In the face of significant economic and geopolitical challenges in 2023, dentsu Africa not only weathered the storm but seized remarkable opportunities, showcasing our agility, strategic prowess, and creative talents. Amidst the turbulence, our timely strategic visions and creative brilliance paved the way for unprecedented new business ventures, laying the foundation for sustained market growth in 2024.

Our unwavering commitment to our people and clients, bolstered by best-in-class technology, cutting-edge business systems, and entrepreneurial resilience, positions us for success across our extensive African footprint. Our Vision to be truly invested in African Businesses beyond just having affiliations has paid off and has ensured capability and transparency leadership.

Whilst CARAT ends 2023 with the parting ways with their banking client after six years, as the client makes a strategic move, the year concluded with over 28 new clients, noteworthy business wins, and industry awards across 11 African markets and over 20 affiliates. Our strengths in agility, insightfulness, and cultural relevance are underscored by radical collaboration internally, necessitating significant investments in relationships with media tech partners such as TikTok, Google, and Meta.

Challenges, including a sluggish economy and negative sentiment in South Africa, have not deterred us. Load shedding's impact on media audiences prompted the development of NightVision—a product mitigating its effects, yielding an additional performance upside of over 50% for our clients, and has won multiple awards for innovation.

As we look toward continued transformative growth opportunities, with a focus on the growth and profitability of our Africa business, our priority remains our people and clients. We conclude on a forward-looking, positive note, retaining over 85% of our business and securing 75% of new business pitched for.

In 2024 and beyond, we will persist in challenging the industry and driving meaningful progress for people, clients, and society. Our belief in doubling our business size in the next five years is fuelled by a client-centric approach, delivering innovation and new products that address Africa's significant challenges. The future is now at dentsu Africa.