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The innovative, market first Real-Time Tool for Predicting Concept and Conversations Trends

Right now, can you really investigate and pinpoint in real time how concepts, authors and keywords really connect? Well, Zeitgeist can! Dentsu Data will be launching this innovative, industry leading data game-changer in February 2023.

Ask yourself this; can you forecast exactly when your concepts will trend UP or DOWN in real time or are you able to find out exactly what is being said about your brand across the various platforms in real time? Zeitgeist can!

Paul Stemmet, head of dentsu data SSA says, "to date brands have only been able to track what has happened, Zeitgeist moves into the future and allows you to predict where your brands concepts and conversations can and will go. This gives branding and marketing teams the ability to change, re-direct and capitalise on where their connections and conversations are landing."

"Zeitgeist offers a deeper understanding of target audiences around a concept in time, allowing you to identify your concept across all the mediums where buyers are in Africa. It allows the capacity to connect the authors and influences driving concepts . Moreso, allowing for the powerful ability to predict the relevance of a topic and when it becomes not so relevant , whilst allowing a deeper understanding of how content is syndicated ," continued Stemmet.

A Deeper Understanding of target audiences - Zeitgeist monitors in real time radio, TV, digital and social channels, to find what new conversations or opinions are currently trending and the market segmentation or demographics that are associated with these.

Questions like "Are South African's still wanting to hear about loadshedding? or how relevant is loadshedding to South Africans? or should a brand still be talking about a topic such as loadshedding? OR where in conversations is load-shedding relevant, for example sporting events?

Zeitgeist, unlike any other traditional tools that just highlight trending concepts, is powered by dentsu's propriety CCS (Customer and Consumer Survey), which means that it can, in real-time, connect offline interview data and demographics to online trending concepts.

Ultimately, answering key questions such as: are people interested right now, yesterday, or even tomorrow in level 6 loadshedding? AND do these audiences have electrical appliances, such as a TV set, or subscribe to Showmax or DSTV, and how would this affect them?

Ability to connect authors and influences driving opinions or conversations - Zeitgeist's network view allows content generators and curators to visualise how their content is distributed, who connects to it as well as who the authors are across all platforms and shows who is interested in the content.

Zeitgeist also gives you the ability to modify or change the content or conversation. It gives you an immediate deeper understanding of your content and minimises paid aggregation wastage NOW, as you can track it hourly, daily, or even weekly. In addition to effectively allowing you to change the content leading or influencing conversations without the need of having to see results down the line.

Powerful ability to predict the relevance of concepts and conversations - How many times has a content or marketing department of brands jumped onto a trending concept or conversation only to find out that the concept is either irrelevant, have missed the opportunity and wasted money?

Zeitgeist operates off a uniquely powerful prediction algorithms that determines if a concept or conversation is outgoing or incoming. Zeitgeist is even able to take seasonality into consideration!

Identify concepts and conversations across all mediums - Reporting is typically associated with the "social team" and media monitoring teams. Zeitgeist uses Natural Language AI and Visual AI to continuously scan and monitor radio, television, socials, online and offline media, to find the concepts and conversations that your brand might be connected to.

Unlike traditional media monitoring tools, it does not solely track a hashtag (#) or your brand mentioned, but it is able to read, contextualise and understand when and how your brand is mentioned.

Zeitgeist uses powerful clustering machine learning and builds programmatic stories about concepts and conversations happening around your brand across any platform in real-time.

If you want to find out more about Zeitgeist before it officially launches connect with Paul Stemmet