Future-proof your marketing programs for a revolutionized consumer data landscape.

Customer insights enable brands to orchestrate meaningful experiences and deliver resonating content that is more likely to produce results, create tighter customer relationships, and drive value. However, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in consumer data access.

New privacy regulations, the death of the third-party cookie, and the obsolescence of third-party data hinder brands’ ability to craft data-driven marketing programs, and marketers risk seeing their investments have a drop-in-the-ocean effect.

To adapt to this paradigm shift and thrive in the new consumer data landscape, brands must build identity-based marketing strategies that leverage and feed into private identity graphs to personalize experiences while operating in a privacy-safe environment.

Our Identity Solutions

identity insights

We develop value-based experiences for your brand, such as promotions, engagement hubs, and loyalty programs, that incentivize customers to share data to populate your private identity graph.

Identity-based agency services

From media services to CRM and the implementation of digital technologies, we create unique value by injecting identity-based insights powered by M1, our proprietary platform, into all of our agency engagements.

Customizable identity platform

Build your brand’s private 1st party identity graphs, attributing interactions across all online and offline touchpoints to a specific person ID, and manage information in a bespoke privacy-safe data and analytics environment. Learn more

Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Insights

Pioneering Identity Solutions for Data-Driven Enterprise Success

Understanding customer behavior is the key to delivering experiences that create results. Our identity solutions enable enterprises to build new foundations for success in a brand-new data world.

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