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Heinz had its sights set on winning the FIFA World Cup ‘22 snacking habits - the campaign would promote Ketchup and mayonnaise with creative tailored to the context of football. However, they were up against larger budgets & the battle for human attention.​


Dentsu activated its expertise of human attention locally via Teads (who have an algorithm of the highest performing placements) and eye-tracking specialists Lumen (who track eye-ball movement & facial expression) to double down on local behavior nuances. This allowed us to optimize for attention, the editorial context, the creative itself and time in-view metrics.​


The #MakePlays campaign, strategically designed and executed, achieved impressive outcomes. With a 24% view-through rate and a 24% post-click conversion rate, it showcased the power of creativity and data-driven marketing. The campaign didn't stop there; it led to a remarkable 12% increase in sales, making it a clear winner.


Carat is the world’s first media agency and privileged to work with some of the most storied and innovative brands in the world. Most recently named a leader amongst global media agencies by Forrester, Carat is consistently ranked the #1 media agency in the world. With over 12,000 experts in over 100 countries. Carat is a dentsu company and delivers an unparalleled capability to unlock real human understanding and connect people and brands through powerful and engaging media experiences.

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