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Despite having been in the country for nearly 50 years, KFC did not have a channel through which it could communicate with Egyptians and vice versa. This limited people's ability to express their feelings about the chain.

KFC was unable to gain a thorough understanding of the Egyptian public's attitudes toward the brand and its campaigns.

In addition, with the rise of local brands that have been establishing a youthful relevance with young people, taking a noticeable bite from KFC’s established market share. As a result, KFC was compelled to find a way to reach young Egyptians who comprise around 50% number of the population.


KFC needed to capitalize on this to establish a favourable social presence in the country quickly. A platform to highlight this rapport between KFC and Egyptians had to exist to express and payback this love.

We created highly relevant content that resounds with KFCs younger target demographic, KFC gathered data on public reception using market research technologies in addition to manual data collection and analysis. After creating a holistic image of its audience, it was obvious that relying on co-creation and user-generated content would be the best approach to engage and excite it.

Creative idea: Yetakel Akl, a figurative translation of fingerlickin’ good, conveyed the localized approach that KFC wanted to undertake in Egypt. The campaign comprised a hero video, UGC, and supplementary posts. On KFC’s newly created national social channels, the hero video captured different consumption moments of Egyptians while enjoying KFC.

Afterwards, a UGC activation was launched to manifest these moments in real life and create a mutual, ongoing dialogue with the public.

Following that, people who mentioned KFC were greeted with KFC buckets, and they were glad to share this moment of acknowledgment on social media. In a decidedly Egyptian gesture, KFC reshared those shared moments on its new platforms, generating a reverberating dialogue between the platform and its fans.


The approach was especially effective because it was genuine and relatable to young Egyptians, it was humorous, witty, and affable, prompting them to share their own content with ease and excitement.

The activation campaign reached a total of 5,238,716 individuals on Instagram and Facebook. They engaged 141,670 times on both platforms.

In over one month, more than 1000 posts were created, and 500 messages were received.

The campaign left such a heartfelt impact that the top-of-mind awareness of it increased by 15%, which led to an increase of frequent and regular consumption increased by 9% and 13%, respectively. People never stopped talking about KFC to begin with, but they now knew they can talk with it and that it answers.


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