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increase in revenue 


increase in new sessions 


drop in bounce rate 


Building search campaigns that would bid on all of tajawal's relevant searches would take approximately 5 months and be next to impossible to manage and optimise. 


Using a sophisticated Inventory Management Structure on Search Ads 360, within a couple of months, we were able to use a single flight data feed to create keyword coverage for every flight route. We generated over 3,000 campaigns, 100,000 ad groups and 3.4 million keywords across multiple account in English and Arabic. The management of these build was extremely difficult at beginning but after 3 weeks of data collection we were able to switch to SA360’s automated machine-learning bid management to optimise to overall targets.


Revenue increase 44% whilst COS went up 5%.

53% rise in new sessions and a 22% drop in bounce rate.

3.4 million keywords created.

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Merkle is a global data-driven performance marketing agency that specializes in the delivery of unique, personalized digital customer experiences. Its strengths in performance media, customer experience, customer relationship management, loyalty and enterprise marketing technology drive improved people-based marketing results and competitive advantage. 

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