Christine McKinnon

Head of Intelligence, dentsu Australia

Generation Beta, spanning those born from 2025 to 2039, is set to redefine the landscape of marketing strategies. 

Comprising the offspring of younger Millennials and older Gen Zs, by 2035, they are projected to constitute 16% of the global population. Though yet to grace the world, we can glean insights into their potential characteristics and preferences based on the prevailing trends. 

Anticipated to be a generation deeply immersed in technology, Generation Beta will likely exhibit a penchant for diversity, change, and inclusivity—themes prevalent in contemporary society and expected to endure. As marketers, understanding the nuances of our target audience is paramount, as it informs not just branding strategies but also product development and solutions. 

Gen Beta represents a paradigm shift, transitioning from a knowledge-centric era to one focused on action. Empowered by a fusion of human experience, biology, and technology, they possess unparalleled capabilities. Barriers to access have dwindled significantly, reshaping their relationships with identity and community.

As the inaugural generation post-Covid, Gen Beta will inherit a world shaped by the pandemic. Raised by Gen Z parents who weathered the storm of Covid-19, they will be accustomed to hybrid lifestyles and prioritise resilience and adaptability. Mental health, emotional intelligence, social justice, collaborative parenting, and corporate social responsibility are pivotal influencers shaping their worldview.

With these societal and technological undercurrents guiding their development, the realities experienced by Generation Beta are poised to diverge markedly from the present. Notably, they are the first cohort to wield agency over their personal data and grow up in an environment characterized by delegated decision-making.

To delve deeper into the nuances of Generation Beta and understand how their behaviors will impact marketing strategies, download our full infographic. Prepare to navigate the evolving landscape of consumer preferences and tailor your brand's approach to resonate with this dynamic cohort.

Unlock the potential of Generation Beta and stay ahead.

Unlock the potential of Generation Beta and stay ahead.

Download the Beta Infographics

Unlock the potential of Generation Beta and stay ahead.

Link to Download the Beta Infographics