As the world adapts to life in the new normal, it is time to go back to the future. In the dentsu Consumer Vision 2030, we recognised four overarching themes that will influence consumer behaviour in the next ten years. In this new report, we use these themes to explore how the global retail sector will change over the same period, and what this means for brands. For each theme, we have identified key trends marketers need to consider when defining their retail strategy. Whilst new and unexpected forces will likely come and go in the 2020s, we believe the dynamics examined in this report will play a durable and critical role in setting the industry’s direction. By exploring both the short and long-term implications of each trend, Shopper DNA: The Future of Retail provides the framework for brands to respond effectively to evolving consumer demands and behaviours, today and tomorrow.  

Four forces that will shape the next ten years of consumer behaviour in retail  

Each of the trends identified carries specific implications for retailers. Exploring both the short and long-term implications of each trend, Shopper DNA provides a framework for brands to build a long-term strategy to respond to the post COVID-19 world and ensure they can respond effectively to evolving consumer demands, attitudes and behaviours for the next decade.  

  • Universal Activism  
  • Synthetic Society 
  • Bigger Bolder Brands  
  • The Human Dividend