The Feeling Never Fades: Toyota Australia taps emotions for Genuine Service

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Toyota Australia has partnered with Dentsu Creative to celebrate the milestone moments that are guaranteed with Toyota genuine service, tapping into the emotions of car-ownership and maintenance for the first time. 

The new advertising platform for Toyota Genuine Service highlights the emotional connection between drivers and their car, and how the trust and love for the car will never fade kilometre after kilometre when serviced by Toyota. 

Toyota Chief Marketing Officer Vin Naidoo said: “Buying a car is typically an emotional investment, but so is caring and maintaining that vehicle, and drivers of all ages can relate to that special feeling when you see the odometer tick over.” 

“Dentsu Creative’s campaign has tapped into this, highlighting the trust drivers have knowing their car is properly maintained, whether it’s driving off the lot for the first time or when your Toyota ticks over to a fresh number with a lot of zeros.” 

Ruben Cirugeda, Creative Director at Dentsu Creative, said: “This is the first time we have set out to make people feel something about a car service. Buying a car, or even selling a car, are well trodden for using emotional advertising but caring for the car ties into that connection. “ 

“Toyota Genuine Servicing is such an excellent brand in its own right and it is exciting that we could celebrate the emotional moments drivers have that are secured by the quality of a Toyota Genuine Service.” 

The campaign launched on free-to-air television on Sunday, September 5 and will extend across BVOD, digital, Spotify and more in the coming months. 


Client: Toyota Motor Corporation Australia 

  • Chief Marketing Officer: Vin Naidoo 
  • Snr Manager, Brand Communications: Andrew Wearing 
  • Manager Communications – Passenger & Aftersales: Taruna Aguru 
  • Snr Parts and Services Communications Coordinator: Erin McHale 

Agency: Dentsu Creative 

  • Creative Director: Scotty Glennon 
  • Creative Director: Ruben Cirugeda 
  • Snr Integrated producer: Jodie Wright 
  • Planning Partner: Tim Mottau 
  • Integrated Client Lead: Andrew Black 
  • Client Partner: Guy Lovell 
  • Snr Account Director: Catherine Nolan 
  • Snr Account Manager: Bart Wright 

Production Company: Collider 

  • Director: Rob Stanton-Cook 
  • Producer: Annie Schutt 
  • DOP: Jeremy Rouse 
  • Editor: Jack Hutchings 
  • Post: ARC 
  • Post audio: Front of House 
  • Casting: Northside Casting