ASB enlist Hunt for the Wilderpeople actress Rachel House as the ‘True Rewarden’ in a campaign via WiTH Collective New Zealand.

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ASB’s credit card rewards program True Rewards has this week launched an integrated data-driven campaign and brand re-launch to appeal to new customers and re-engage existing members.

Directed by, and starring, Rachel House, the campaign revolves around a central character aptly named the ‘True Rewarden’. Her Job? Get Kiwis to rediscover True Rewards. 

The campaign follows the True Rewarden as she travels the country explaining how the rewards program works, and how to ”do every purchase justice”. 

It is the first campaign from WiTH Collective’s newly established New Zealand agency. 

ASB General Manager Marketing Shane Evans says: WiTH Collective has done an incredible job not only repositioning the program, but launching its first campaign right through the line.” 

ASB Partner Manager Cards Simon Adams says: “We know New Zealanders love earning rewards and we have a great product here. True Rewards are easy to earn and easy to spend, which is why we wanted to reach out to our customers and remind them of our value and simplicity. 

The campaign uses targeted digital display, personalised emails, contextual out-of-home (OOH), TV and will launch in cinemas across the country to align with Rachel's role in Disney’s Thor: Ragnarok, releasing later this month.

WiTH Creative Director Nicole Hetherington says: “As an avid rewards junkie I couldn’t resist the opportuntity to reach out to True Rewards customers and remind them how amazing this loyalty program really is. The beauty is in the data too – with so much information available to us, we have a ability to completely tailor the creative message to make it that much more targeted and compelling. So while the True Rewarden works as a great message above the line in film and OOH, customers can now look forward to personalised messages from her too.”

Creative Director Simon Fowler applauded the collaborative process – concepted by WITH and brought to life in partnership with client, production, agency and talent. 

Fowler says: “As always, working with Curious was a pleasure – Rachel is a true talent both in directing the spots and being the star of them. This campaign was a joy to make for many reasons, one being the collaborative process between agency, client and production. There were a lot of laughs along the way – such a great result.”

Curious founder Matt Noonan says: “Thank you ASB and WiTH Collective for great, smart, fun ideas and a supportive, collaborative creative environment. Rachel had a fantastic experience and it’s an awesome start for her as a commercial director. This is the way to make entertaining, creative and effective work. Hat’s off to Nic and Si, Steve, Iain and the whole team at ASB.”

The campaign went live on Sunday and will continue in many iterations over the next 12 months. 



ASB General Manager Marketing: Shane Evans 

ASB Partner Manager Cards, SME, Consumer Lending: Simon Adams 

ASB Head of Retail Marketing: Gail Pettit

ASB Brand Manager: Bianca Osbourne 

ASB Marketing Manager: Thomas French

ASB Associate Marketing Manager: Adrian McNearney

ASB Head of Social Media: Simone McCallum

WiTH Collective

CEO: Justin Hind

CCO: Steve Coll

Creative Directors: Nicole Hetherington and Simon Fowler

Head of Production: Iain Todd

Strategy Director: Hally Lara

General Manager: Adam Parsons

Client Services Director: John Marshall 

Senior Account Manager: Serena Peddle

Account Manager: Rosi Berryman

Creative: Mia Fukuyama, Courtney Fay, Phillip Robbie

Design and UX: Stephen Brabazon, Robert Lettieri, Elkie Pieterse, Koshila Perera

Creative Services: Danni Robinson, Brittney Vaughn

Digital Producer: Sam Moore

Curious Films

Director: Rachel House

Producer: Matt Noonan

Production Manager: Stacey Ngawhika

DOP: David Garbett

Production Designer: Rosie Guthrie

Costume: Kristin Seth

Make Up: Megan Maxwell 

Editor: Jonathan Venz

Music: Liquid Studios

Match Photography

Photographer: Ross Brown

Agenct: Gerardine Turney