Breaking Campaign: Posterscope help the TAC increase relevance for mobile drug testing using Liveposter platform

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Out-of-Home specialist agency Posterscope have deployed Liveposter to help the Transport Accident Commision (TAC) roll-out a dynamic Digital-Out-of-Home campaign as part of TAC’s Drug Driving campaign. 

Across a number of high profile APN Outdoor and QMS digital large format locations on key arterials in Melbourne, the campaign will be displayed to increase the relevance and immediacy of Police carrying out Drug Testing.

The sites will display time-based creative changes across the day and night along with a dynamic time mechanism informing commuters that drug testing could be taking place at the time the advert is being displayed.

Posterscope’s Business Manager, James Blay said, “We know from Posterscope’s OCS research (Out-of-Home Consumer Survey) that more than half of all adults find campaigns more interesting with a relevant time element. Liveposter allows us to deliver dynamic solutions to a client like TAC across multiple media owners and convey important messaging quickly.”

The campaign runs until the end of February.