Breaking Campaign: The Story Lab launches ‘Make with Mishka’

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The Story Lab has launched ‘Make with Mishka’ for Pinnacle Drinks’, featuring a four-day interactive workshop series with supporting content, produced in partnership with media agency Carat and media partner Pedestrian TV.

Pinnacle Drinks challenged The Story Lab to develop a campaign for Mishka to enhance the vodka brand’s personality and bring to life ‘Mishka Moments’ by inspiring and influencing with lifestyle tips and ‘drinkspiration’ solutions. 

The female, trendsetting Mishka target audience trades experiences and knowledge for social currency. Understanding this helped build The Story Lab’s approach: bringing together popular talent to inspire via meaningful experience where they can create, learn, drink and DIY their hearts out with their friends.   

‘Make with Mishka’ is the resulting four-day workshop series, created in partnership with Pedestrian TV, where over 100 competition winners will try their hand at activities such as jewellery making, floristry, painting and cocktail creations. The workshop events are taking place from 8– 11 November in a uniquely designed workshop space at the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills. 

In addition to the workshops, The Story Lab has ideated and developed a six-part stop motion Mishka Cocktail series, designed to inspire consumers to create their own Mishka moments at home in new and imaginative ways. In a twist on the summer cocktail, The Spring Racer teaches viewers to add edible flower ice cubes, and Tealicious uses chilled peached tea to put a spin on tea time.  

Claire Booth, Content Partnerships Senior Manager at The Story Lab said, “Pinnacle set us the challenge of inspiring Mishka’s female target audience with lifestyle tips and ‘drinkspiration’. With a lot of brands already playing in this space, the key to a successful approach was to give Mishka something new to talk about, something new to own and something new to make people a part of. ‘Make with Mishka’ is a unique campaign doing just that – paving a new way of socialising and putting Mishka at the heart of these moments.”

Rachel Hofman, Marketing Manager at Pinnacle Drinks said, “It was important for us to not only inspire the Mishka audience through content they want to consume, but also to physically bring to life ‘Mishka Moments’ through a brand experience. Working in close collaboration with The Story Lab and Carat, we’ve been able to do this through the unique cocktail series The Story Lab produced and the exciting ‘Make with Mishka’ platform in partnership with Pedestrian.TV”

James McManus, Head of Creative Projects at Pedestrian.TV said “The 'Make with Mishka’ workshop series is a real Pedestrian partnership first. We’re thrilled to team with Mishka to get our audience’s hands dirty and throw them in the creative deep end. A video content series off the back of the workshops will feature the incredible skills of some of Australia’s best DIY guns, and inspire our wider audience to embrace innovation.”