BWM Dentsu asks Australians to donate themselves to the 2016 Red Shield Appeal

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BWM Dentsu is encouraging people to donate an important asset that everyone can give generously to The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal this year – themselves.

The Red Shield volunteers campaign reminds people that their time is just as valuable as their money when it comes to helping The Salvation Army provide aid to the neediest members of society.

Garry Tanner, Territorial Marketing Director, The Salvation Army, said people had great intentions of donating to charity but often got too caught up in their busy lives to act on their charitable impulses.

“Each week, the Salvos provides 100,000 meals, 2,000 beds, and 8,000 food vouchers to those in need. Every single one of those meals, beds and food vouchers that improves someone’s life is made possible by the individual efforts of the community,” Mr Tanner said.

“Without the funds raised by volunteers, The Salvation Army wouldn’t be able to provide essential services to those in need and they wouldn’t have anyone to turn to. We hope this campaign will inspire people from across the country to band together for this year’s Red Shield Appeal and donate their time to help end homelessness now,” Mr Tanner added. 

The campaign, which focuses on driving volunteering, will run in conjunction with The Salvation Army’s usual appeal for financial aid and help ending homelessness.

Brent Liebenberg, Creative Director at BWM Dentsu Melbourne, said the campaign served to remind people that there was more to giving than money. 

“It’s difficult to offer up your time, as everyone’s so busy. But we think that people forget that the Salvos is a volunteer organisation. They’re called The Salvation Army, but you and I – we’re the army. Australians are generous people, and this campaign is a reminder that there are other really valuable ways to give," Mr Liebenberg said.

The campaign will run across posters, digital and social media.

This year’s Red Shield Appeal doorknock will take place over the weekend of 28-29 May.