Dentsu unifies global creative offering with launch of Dentsu Creative ANZ

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Dentsu today announced the launch of Dentsu Creative in Australia and New Zealand, as part of the creation of a global full-service creative agency, Dentsu Creative. 

Dentsu Creative brings together dentsuMcGarry Bowen, Isobar, 360i and Dentsu-branded creative agencies under a single brand around the world. In Australia, this means BWMdentsu, dentsuMB, Isobar, Haystac, and Cox Inall will be brought together under one entirely new network, brand name and go-to-market approach to support unlocking the dentsu difference. 

CEO of Dentsu Creative ANZ Kirsty Muddle said the new agency gives clients access to the full capabilities of dentsu, combining horizontal creativity with, data, media and CXM to deliver end-to-end modern creative solutions. 

“We have created an agency to connect brands and businesses to the future through the power of modern creativity,” Ms Muddle said. 

“The modern world is more complex to navigate than ever for brands and businesses. We need to simplify our business to break down agency silos and seamlessly connect our talent around the right client opportunities at the right time. 

“We are driven by our clients’ needs for creative that creates new behaviours, is made possible by technology, made personal by data, and made powerful by emotion. At the centre of our creative thinking is a deep understanding of consumer behaviour. 

“To deliver modern creativity, we need an agency that can operate seamlessly across technology, data, and creativity, led by teams who reflect the modern world with a mandate to make a difference to people and the planet. 

“Dentsu Creative brings together our 120-year Japanese heritage in craft, innovation and technology and our deep understanding of modern media and contemporary culture. We are launching a modern creative agency with deep expertise in modern brand building, through entertainment, content, and culture, structured to facilitate and accelerate the creation of our product. 

“Our creative product is the ultimate driver of our success and our clients’ businesses and a powerful economic multiplier. DENTSUCREATIVE.COM

“By integrating our teams, Dentsu Creative clients now have access to the minds of 45,000 brilliant people, bringing diverse backgrounds from across the entire dentsu network to solve a problem and deliver new ideas,” Ms Muddle said. 


For further information, contact:
Lucy Povlsen                            
dentsu Communications                                                  
+61 411 251 933                                 

About Dentsu Creative ANZ 

Dentsu Creative ANZ connect brands and businesses to the future through the power of modern creativity. We have capabilities in entertainment, PR and digital experience supported by next generation creative, production and data capabilities. We operate seamlessly across Australia and New Zealand and globally through Dentsu Creative's offices in 145 markets. Our ANZ team of 1200 strategists, creatives, creators and relationship makers team without limits with Dentsu Creative's 9000 strong global team. Dentsu Group is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

Dentsu Creative serves some of the world’s most iconic brands globally and in ANZ, including: American Express, Toyota, Pizza Hut and L’Oreal Paris. 

About Dentsu Creative’s visual identity 

The visual identity is a creative expression of East meeting West, it embodies the network’s dedication to craft and the transformative power of creativity. It was conceived and developed by designers from across the network, including Dentsu Tokyo, who united to produce the extensive suite of design assets. Inspired by Japanese folklore and storytelling, the four traditional mythological creatures represent Dentsu Creative’s superpowers and values and feature heavily across brand assets and in office design across the network: 

  • The Kitsune Fox represents boundless creativity as it sees the future and runs towards it, forever asking “what’s next”. Similarly, Dentsu Creative’s imagination has no limits, with the team believing that every problem can be solved with the power of modern creativity. Clients come to Dentsu Creative as their best partner, intent on helping them solve their business problems to maximize business opportunities. 
  • The Ryujin Dragon demonstrates intelligent scale, controlling the ocean and tides, just as Dentsu Creative channels the right talent around the right brief. The team further scales ideas with precision, using intelligent technology to make its creative relevant anytime and anywhere, and to millions worldwide. 
  • The Orizurn Crane signifies obsessive craft, carrying the soul to paradise and perhaps best known for inspiring iconic Japanese origami. In this spirit, Dentsu Creative elevates the soul of its work with an obsessive focus on craft, experience and design to shape ideas which create culture and change behavior, while nurturing the next generation of craft skills needed to soar in a modern world. 
  • The Kohaju Koi suggests radical collaboration, given that koi swim upstream, against the tide and united as one. In this vein, dentsu Creative will emphasize collaboration to chart new territory, seamlessly connecting creativity, media and customer experience management to imagine solutions at the intersection of craft, data, culture and innovation. Each creative opportunity will be complemented by the right talent at the right moment, no matter where it sits within the network or even beyond it. The resulting work will be a seamless blend of expertise, creating modern magic.