Isobar’s Cat VR powers game changing content for Australian Zoos

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Isobar Australia has proven its credentials as one of Fast Company’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in AR/VR, launching the world’s first Cat VR in partnership with Zoos Victoria and the RSPCA.

Faced with alarming statistics around the environmental impact of domestic Cats in Australia, Zoos Victoria briefed Isobar on a campaign to encourage pet owners to keep their furry friends indoors. With pet cats killing 377 million birds in Australia each year, and one in five cats that go missing never returning home, Isobar needed to create a compelling way to keep Aussie cats safe.

Enter ‘Cat VR’, the world’s first – and tiniest – Virtual Reality experience, providing cats with unique experiences that excite their senses. Via a miniature headset, Cat VR gives cats the chance to run around fish markets, play with giant yarn balls, hang out in a world made of cardboard boxes and chase laser pointers – all in the comfort of their own home.

Supporting the immersive experience for cats is a website designed to create a community of cat lovers sharing tips and advice on how to offer a safe and enriching life for cats inside, and a safer environment for native wildlife outside.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign is a great example of Isobar’s ability to couple clever use of technology with fun creative, and the team at Zoos Victoria is thrilled with the result.

Speaking of the campaign, Ben Sanders, Senior Manager of Community Conservation at Zoos Victoria said, “Cat VR represents an opportunity to finally bring felines into the digital age. Here at Zoos, we strive to offer the best for all animals great and small, and we can't wait to see what this will do for cats across the country. It's a game changer, and the opportunities really are endless.”

Isobar’s NowLab Director, Dave Budge said, “We’re pretty pumped to launch the world’s first PVRR (Pet Virtual Responsible Reality) experience for cats. As a world leader in AR/VR Innovation, we thought it was time for Cats to enjoy all this technology has to offer. On a serious note, this campaign addresses an alarming wildlife issue in Australia, with a creative and fun execution that we hope will save the lives of Australian animals.” 

Isobar Global Director of Emerging Technology Dave Meeker said, “At Isobar we’re about creative experience transformation, and Cat VR delivers this in spades – to an audience we wouldn’t typically work with! It’s been great to have a bit of fun with a serious conservation issue, showing real leadership in the technology space.”