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Merkle today unveiled how it will help clients achieve their net zero goals by using Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, a tool that enables businesses to track, manage, and analyse their data to give a clearer picture of their carbon emissions status and progress towards their net zero targets. 

As an accredited implementation partner in the ANZ market, Merkle will work with clients to integrate Salesforce Net Zero Cloud into their business, allowing them to substantiate their sustainability credentials in market. 

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud tracks and calculates emissions from a company’s energy use, waste data, supply chain, and business travels to provide a single source of truth. 

Through customised dashboards, businesses can track their progress, access all their key sustainability data quickly and efficiently, and create reports to easily identify areas where improvements can be made across Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3. 

John Riccio, Merkle ANZ CEO, said: “We believe net zero will be the biggest driver of innovation in our lifetime and is not just an environmental challenge, but a business-wide transformation. Having the right tools in place to support clients in this space is critical.” 

“Investors and consumers are increasingly seeking out environmentally friendly products, which is putting more pressure on businesses to turn ambition into action. By implementing Net Zero Cloud, our aim is to help clients bridge the gap from making public commitments to achieving real net zero.” 

“Net Zero Cloud is an incredibly relevant tool for businesses who have their data ready to go. We are aware that some businesses may be more advanced than others in this space, so our team will be working with clients to ensure that they have the right data infrastructure in place to make tools like Net Zero Cloud a success and worthwhile investment,” said Riccio. 

Whilst Merkle ANZ is the implementation partner, it is backed by the broader dentsu network. Globally, dentsu International was the first advertising agency to implement Salesforce Net Zero Cloud to create greater accountability and transparency for its 2030 Social Impact strategy. The tool has supported dentsu’s net zero transformation to date, including now being independently verified as carbon neutral across the Group’s international operation. 

In June 2022, dentsu International implemented the tool to track and manage its emissions data across Australia and New Zealand and has already achieved a 34 per cent improvement at one of its buildings by providing actionable emissions data. 

Anita Hedges, Merkle ANZ Social Impact Lead, commented: “Net Zero Cloud gave our business the validation needed to turn our net zero ambitions into action. It helped us identify our carbon output and work out practical ways to begin to reduce it.” 

“Reports immediately highlighted there was high energy consumption at one of the dentsu ANZ offices, prompting our team to work with its energy retailer to pinpoint that a significant amount of energy consumption was outside of hours, allowing for controls and targets to be put in place to reduce energy usage,” said Hedges. 

Dentsu ANZ continues to use Net Zero Cloud to regularly review its carbon footprint and proactively implement initiatives with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint. The ANZ business is currently in the process of having its baseline independently certified. 

Helping brands become Net Zero Now 

Net Zero Cloud is the first product to launch under dentsu’s ‘Net Zero Now’ solution, a service aimed at helping brands with their end-to-end net zero strategy. Through Net Zero Now, clients will be able to implement a suite of sustainability data and carbon management tools, have their baseline and reduction targets independently certified, and work with a dedicated team to either build a new proposition, reset their strategy, or evolve their current offering to become a more purpose-driven brand. 

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