The Story Lab inspires time-poor cooks with content series for Philips

Published on:

The Story Lab has launched Philips’ new Deluxe All-in-One cooker with a five-part content series that inspires time-poor cooks to mix up their dinner routines.

Dinner Hijack, hosted by Magdalena Roze, showcases how cooks can transform one meal into many, and swap time saved on meal preparation for more family time. It demonstrates the versatility and time saving aspects of the product whilst encouraging busy Aussie mums to reconsider their kitchen appliances. 

The five-part series is being amplified across Newcorp’s Unruly platform and leveraged by Philips across their owned assets.  

To complement the series, The Story Lab produced multiple cut-downs and content variations which are being distributed across a series of digital and social platforms.

Through a social content plan crafted in collaboration with Magdalena Roze, The Story Lab are also leveraging her influence to further engage mums around the content series and the product.  

Kay Cho, Marketing Manager – Kitchen, Philips Australia & New Zealand, said: “The launch of the new Deluxe All-in-One was truly exciting for us as the product delivers incomparable versatility cooking with time saving aspect. We wanted this to come to life through our creative and ensure the new Deluxe All-in-One stood out from the crowd. The Story Lab has achieved this in a truly engaging way, and at the same time delivered creative assets that we can use across all media.”

Claire Crennan, Content Partnerships Director, The Story Lab, said: “Philips tasked us to launch their new Deluxe All-in-One by demonstrating key product functions and celebrating its versatility in a way that would inspire mums to re-think their current dinner routines. Using Magdalena Roze as a well-known and inspirational mum, combined with genuinely interesting and useful content, Dinner Hijack really brought the product to life.”