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Further research has evinced the unjustly low proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation within the creative sector, so much so that Roy Morgan Data as labelled it as "not statistically significant". Even more troubling is the fact that creativity and storytelling lie at the core of Indigenous culture, and it shows in their high representation in other artistic sectors (fashion, music, dance, and film). It was made evident that our industry has not been generous to the Aboriginal demographic.


Thus, a RAP committee was assembled in order to tackle this problem. It was composed of six DAN agencies, all of which spanned three locations. Working in collaboration with Reconciliation Australia and Cox Inall Ridgeway, BWM Dentsu was determined to comprehend what was required for RAP. The document outlines a 365 day awareness, knowledge, and engagement plan. Team leaders were assigned to each pillar of activity, and weekly WIP meetings were held to keep everyone updated. 


Many successes were attained, such as having developed "Indigenous Student Internship" in partnership with Swinburne University; organised a panel discussion on "60,000 Years of Story-telling"; diverted 3% of commercial spend to Indigenous-owned and run enterprises; offered agency skills pro bono to Indigenous enterprises; and achieved significant media coverage (specifically, The Australian). 

Above all, they established their support for others on the development of their own RAPs; including Nando's, McCann, and our own network.

BWM Dentsu's RAP is a first for the creative sector. The team has truly paved the way for us as a Network and been a key motivator to develop a DAN-wide RAP in 2019.
Hannah Cheale