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For year Two of VCTV, The Story Lab produced and delivered six bite-sized Facebook exclusive eps seamlessly delivering the Vodka Cruiser message in each piece of content. Featuring influencers and bloggers, Lisa Clark and Jake Rich as hosts, each of the six weekly episodes covered topics like romance, connectedness and individuality. All content was created with millennial consumption habits in mind, as well as passion points and trending themes.


total content views


views of the weekly episodes


of target audience reached


overall increase in volume share YOY 17/18.  


Re-establish and build on the connections made with the millennial target audience from VCTV Season 1.


Six concise Facebook exclusive episodes with supporting low-fi content subtly delivering Vodka Cruiser’s message.


The second season was a great success exceeding all KPI’s and campaign objectives ultimately driving brand exposure and most importantly, sales.