Dentsu connected AI and Metaverse Marketing at WAIC 2022

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Dentsu China, the first international integrated marketing and communications group invited to the prestigious World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2022 in Shanghai, China, shared insights and introduced new integrated solutions leveraging AI technology to help companies set business strategy for a new era of Innovation Metaverse Marketing.

A global leading technology event, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2022, themed ‘Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Multiverse’, gathered pioneers from the industry, to discuss major trends and development in AI technological innovation, metaverse, new interfaces and unmanned systems.

Metaverse Marketing today is at a tipping point, as companies work to keep pace with a rapidly changing landscape that spans the virtual and physical worlds across multiple platforms - with untapped potential that presents both opportunities and risks.

Deric Wong, CEO of dentsu China, commented: “AI technology is revolutionising how we do business, and have created infinite opportunities beyond borders for marketers. Companies need a long-term vision for the metaverse, to be open to change, and to move rapidly to leverage on this shift. At dentsu China, we are offering the best-connected ecosystem to meet these opportunities… to help companies succeed and target consumer engagement with an impact, through data-driven decisions and advanced business insights.”

As part of the dentsu China’s “2025 Strategy”, dentsu China will be launching a proprietary series of cutting-edge solutions across business verticals in the next quarter - to help companies understand, transform, lead amidst continued market disruption, and unlock business potentials and value in unprecedented ‘never-before’ ways.

Dentsu hosted the “Dentsu AI Marketing Forum” at the WAIC 2022 conference, and experts from dentsu China and Japan led audiences with insights into a new era of “Metaverse Marketing” through the day’s programme, with highlights on: 

  • Connecting companies intelligently to the world through AI experience, marketing and R&D;
  • Practising Ethical AI to connect, deliver growth & good for business & society; 
  • Implementations of Meta CRM that influence business success;
  • How AI driven customer experience is fuelling future forward brands;
  • Motion Lab, videos & personalised content to bring consumer engagement to the next level;
  • Demonstrating how AI technology, data science & digital transformation can unlock value to drive sustainable business growth.

During the panel discussion on branding and marketing to post-95 Gen Z, dentsu experts and panelists in media, creative and customer experience management shared unique depth of insights and expertise on issues reshaping the global marketing landscape. They discussed strategies that are actionable, to help brands with solutions to today’s marketing challenges.  The Gen Z segment believes in the individual’s power to influence the world’s future for good, and actively pursues future forward brands that share this sense of social responsibility.  Gen Z consumers are also increasingly frustrated and impatient with the fragmented digital landscape, preferring ‘shorter bursts’ content. To tap into this segment effectively, brands need to better understand the needs, wants and values of Gen Z consumers.  Leveraging AI technologies and solutions for more dynamic recognition, video clips, special effect filters, as an enablement for them to freely switch between the ‘real’, or ‘three-dimensional world’ and the virtual.

“Dentsu continues to harness the power of ‘one dentsu’ to lead Generation Z marketing leaders, integrating pragmatic and efficient client solutions across Media, Creative and CXM.  Through our unique data-driven, tech-enabled, and idea-led marketing capabilities, we look to help companies deliver on new market demands, stay ahead of the curve to achieve long-term business goals”, added Deric.

At dentsu, we integrate to innovate - our best connected ecosystem solutions reimagines marketing across the virtual and physical worlds, to continuously help companies with understanding technology capabilities, business integration, and to be future-ready through AI, data & analytics applications.