Dentsu China recently released a report on the Gen Z population titled "Rediscovering Gen Z - A Unique Generation Redefined". The report aims to help brands explore and understand Gen Z touchpoints, consumption patterns, and attitudes. Published by dentsu's Marketing Effectiveness department, this report serves as the opening piece of dentsu's series of audience reports. 

Leveraging Dentsu's proprietary data tools and third-party data platforms, the report provides in-depth analysis of the characteristics of Gen Z consumers, enabling brands to gain a comprehensive understanding of their media preferences and consumption behavior. This, in turn, supports brands in identifying market opportunities and providing value.

The data for this report primarily comes from Dentsu's unique consumer database, CCS. CCS, which has been conducting consumer research since 2006, covers 108 cities across China, ranging from first-tier to fifth-tier cities. Each year, the research samples exceed 120,000.