83% marketers agree that there can no longer be any disconnect between what a brand promises and what it delivers for its customers, communities, and employees.

86% marketers agree that every touchpoint can and should tell the brand story, from comms to commerce.

Innovation, integration of the brand promise & delightful interactions enhanced by technology named as the top three key ingredients needed in the creation of brand experiences.

82% marketers are investing or have already invested in creativity and digital technologies to create brand differentiation.

Alternative sensorial brand experiences are on the rise with 86% marketers saying creating brand design systems for a multi-sensory world is increasingly important, and 36% asking specifically for new craft skills designed for a multi-sensory world from their agency partner.

Global creative experience agency Isobar has published its annual study of over 800 global CMO’s assessing the evolution of customer experience design. Titled ‘Isobar CX Survey 2021: The Rise of Connected Experience’ the report indicates clear agreement between CMOs globally of a permanently transformed approach to marketing post-covid.