Practice oriented vocational education

We use our expertise to support the future generation in acquiring practical knowledge in the field of digital marketing and media in addition to the theoretical knowledge that can be obtained in educational institutions. Our trainings also help them acquire skills that can be used in their profession life. As part of our youth education strategy, our specialists hold a career orientation day for high school students, a marketing semester for college students, and regular lectures in various higher education institutions.

Dentsu Digital Open

Our Dentsu Digital Open program has been offered every fall ever since it’s 2017 launch. It aims to develop young talents with a great deal of practical knowledge and dedication to the digital marketing profession.

The two-month long program is open to college students and gives them an in-depth overview of the different areas of digital marketing and advertising on both the creative and media sides. Our volunteer specialists act as both instructors and mentors to the students during the program and cover topics that are not included in the college curriculum.

At the end of each DDO, students can measure themselves up in a competition during which they work in teams to develop a solution to a real-life client brief. The most skilled participants are then offered and internship at dentsu Hungary.

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Career day for high-school students

Every spring, we invite graduating high school students to our career day and show them how a communication agency works and what kind of work we do. They form small groups and attend a row of interactive presentations and discussions led by dentsu specialists working in different fields of media creative. It's a busy but informative day for the students and super motivating for the volunteer lecturers.

Volunteer college lectures

We believe that practical knowledge is at least as important as theoretical knowledge when it comes to learning a subject. This is why several of our specialists volunteer to teach in higher education institutions in the areas of their expertise. These courses can be ad-hoc or full-semester programs.