AI-based evaluation and analysis for causality between ESG activities and financial performance

ESG actions important for a company are extracted from big data.

Given the rise in ESG investments by investors and rising tendency of consumers and other stakeholders to purchase ESG-conscious goods, moves to promote ESG management are gathering pace among Japanese companies. However, it is a real challenge to verify the actual impact ESG efforts have on performance, as it’s usually the result of a combination of factors. This makes it difficult to decide on which measures to prioritize, as well as explain to stakeholders. CALC *1 is a technology that can extract direct factors and causes among in-data related factors (able to perform causality analysis)—difficult to estimate using conventional analysis methods. If ‘causality between certain ESG efforts and eye-catching performance indicators’ can be visualized using a network diagram, this reveals the ‘key points in specific measures’.

*1: CALC is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. CALC is an AI technology developed by Sony Computer Science Laboratories. As per the three-company alliance agreement, it is provided by Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Koozyt, and Information Services International-Dentsu (ISID).

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