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In recent years, as sustainability has become a significant agenda, many companies have already implemented various initiatives. However, it is also a fact that there are voices saying “We made a strategy, but we cannot implement it” or “We reached the implementation stage, but it ends up being a one-time effort.”

What is the difficulty?

While the overall idea of sustainability is easy to gain support within a company, it is a theme that tends to cause various conflicts and disagreements, such as short-term versus long-term profits, management versus employees, and departments versus other departments. Thinking and discussing about better future of the company is an act of positive motivation, but it is likely to face internal difficulty in coming to an agreement and putting things into action. In this sense, the reality is that sustainability is one of the most difficult themes to reach a consensus in the current management agenda. We all should start from recognizing this fact.

The necessary shift to generate momentum

So, how can we generate momentum? Our view is that creating the will of many people does not come from the standpoint of “what we SHOULD do.” Currently, the public opinion is that “as a corporate citizen, companies SHOULD commit to sustainability” and, while this is an indisputable fact, it is creating organizational stress and pressures to those involved within a company. Instead, we need to find ways to make it a self-motivated, internal movement with the mind of “we WANT to do it” or “we WANT to show it” because it demonstrates who they truly are, that is, the unique value of the company. To do this, identifying the unique potential of the company, where everyone involved can believe in, is necessary. That is why our team bases our efforts on “discovering the potential” unique to each company.

Every company has its unique form of growth

Just as each company or business had its unique history of development, its business design and action development for sustainability should also have its unique form. In realizing sustainable business, each company should transform its business and increase the number of people positively involved, while staying true to its individuality. Creating a unique competitive advantage will increase the motivation of employees, which then becomes the foundation for sustainable business.

In today's world, stakeholders are diversifying, including not only shareholders and customers but also local communities, students, and so on. We want to emphasize the importance of a strong unifying force unique to each company, to embrace various perspectives and to move forward together with these stakeholders.

“Sustainability for New Growth.”

We, as a team, will support each company in discovering its new form of growth, true to its individuality, and in maximizing the potential for sustainable creation of its unique value.

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Sustainability Consulting Office

Sustainability Consulting Office (DENTSU INC.) supports companies in creation of sustainable businesses by discovering each company's unique form of growth and by developing and implementing actions amplifying its value.The office integrates dentsu Japan's knowledge and expertise in sustainability.

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Dentsu Team SDGs

Dentsu Team SDGs is a professional team with capabilities in SDGs-related communications, solution development, and business support. It aims to boost the SDGs movement by enhancing stakeholder collaboration both within and outside our group.

The team’s dedicated members are drawn from group companies in Tokyo, Kansai, and Chubu.

Includes members from marketing, PR, business promotion, digital, creative, media, global, business development, and corporate functions.

Team SDGs


DENTSU Diversity LAB

Dentsu Diversity LAB addresses diversity-related challenges within society and supports actions by companies and society. The team respects the diversity of individuals, protects equality, and strives to create an inclusive society where no one is left behind.

Established in 2011, this business task force comprises around 80 members drawn from across our network. (As of July 2022)

Maintains relationships with 100+ external partners, including parties involved in and related to diversity.

DENTSU Diversity LAB


Dentsu Team SDGs

SDGs Consultants & Associates

SDGs Consultants and Associates are specialists in SDGs/sustainability, and with capabilities in developing and executing appropriate solutions. They undergo training and approval through our in-house programs, which include testing.

We now have 320 Consultants and Associates.

(As of July 2022)