At dentsu Japan, the team centered around Sustainability Consulting Office (DENTSU INC.) supports sustainable business creation for companies by focusing on discovery of their unique potential. Our services are provided through the following steps.

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Integrated statements

This is a new framework that enables visualization and reconstruction of enterprise value from a unified perspective, covering not only financial but also non-financial information. It measures ent...

Purpose design

This provides multifaceted support for corporate management and branding based on a three-step design concept: “Will do” → “Have it work (function)” → “Leads to brand power.” This is a solution in ...

Social Pain Compass

This tool helps the customer company explore the social issues and areas of social dissatisfaction that may need attention and resolving. It provides a solution for assisting DX/CX reform that move...

ESG reputation survey

This survey confirms to what extent the ESG efforts and information provision of the customer company have actually impacted consumers, as well as the types of impact. Using such data, we provide t...

SDGs/Sustainability story

This service provides solutions for creating a cohesive ‘story’ for the company by matching corporate visions/purposes with businesses and measures for sustainability, which can help permeate visions within inner circles and improve understanding among those outside.

Sustainable Future Design Program

This is a turnkey support program spanning from PoC to rollout and deployment that incorporates the SDG business ideas generated from consumer viewpoints and future orientation. This program was re...

Social Dreaming Program

This is a service for new product development and new business conception starting from the perspective of ‘sociality.’ This is to provide an ideation program, based on the keywords of individual passion and multiplication by unexpectedness, using insight tools such as the Social issues map, Senior insights map, and Health issues map, which are unique to our company.

Communication diagnosis

This is a service for diagnosing the current state of information provision on sustainability, ESG and SDGs of a company. It highlights the current issues and recommends more preferable communication activities.

Sustainable Actions Webinar

This is a webinar hosted by dentsu Japan. Through it we provide trigger opportunities to start information sharing and co-creation by delivering the considered opinions of relevant experts and comp...

Dentsu Advertising Awards: SDGs Special Award

The Awards have a history of over 70 years, where representatives from companies and the media serve as judges and Dentsu provides operational support as the secretariat. In 2020, an “SDGs Special ...

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