Provision of consulting aimed
at realizing carbon neutrality

Support to realize carbon neutrality for the manufacturing industry on a turnkey basis, or from corporate management to onsite operation

Common challenges experienced by companies in realizing carbon neutrality

“Green Innovation Compass” connecting corporate management and onsite works

To realize sustainable existence and growth as a company as well as a sustainable society, many companies are facing the challenge of carbon neutrality. Until recently, the issue of carbon neutrality was assumed to be merely a component of CSR. However, real concerns are now being expressed (as shown in the above figure) by the onsite workers of product planning, development, and production units of manufacturing companies as well. To resolve such concerns and realize carbon neutrality, it is of the utmost importance to establish the necessary processes and pursue them correctly. It is also necessary to improve tools, strengthen organizational capacity and personnel skills, and maximize process execution capabilities. Our company can provide a turnkey consulting service to help realize carbon neutrality, from corporate management to the factory floor, using a framework we call the Green Innovation Compass (GI Compass).

Green Innovation Compass (GI Compass)

In this consulting service, we present a package combining various solutions according to individual customer challenges. The main features and expected effects are as follows. We can help with:
・Formulating a long-term strategy towards decarbonization and reflecting this in the medium-term action plan.
・Calculating GHG emissions for a target product in the development stage and accelerating the PDCA cycle.
・Reducing GHG emissions, through use of the analogous inspiration method (FA inspiration method) unique to our company.
・Improving operational processes, considering the impact on quality and cost of sales in line with GHG reductions.

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