Helping businesses monitor and manage the mental health and emotional engagement of remote workforces.  

In a remote-working world, managing performance, workloads and productivity is relatively easy using existing digital business tools. But monitoring less tangible metrics, like employee mental health and engagement, is not a problem that anyone has taken the time to solve yet. At Davanti, we have made finding a solution to this issue a priority in our own business, and we’re pleased to be able to now share this with our clients. 

Introducing our employee mental health / engagement monitoring app 

We have designed an easy-to-use, highly configurable mobile app that facilitates a daily status update from every employee, tracking how they are feeling and monitoring any changes in their risk status.  

The app allows businesses to monitor declining mental health and low engagement levels, respond in a timely way, and ultimately mitigate the risk to business. 

Clear reporting for greater visibility 

The simple reporting system helps to understand trends and provides a snapshot of employee engagement and workforce wellbeing over time. It allows you to start the process of collecting key data immediately, allowing you to take any necessary action and implement findings into future business practice. 

Event triggered follow-ups for more effective communication 

Automated follow-up activity sorts employees into queues for more personal interaction, which is in turn supported by automated contact via app messaging or email response. This ensures a seamless and supportive experience for employees affected by waning engagement levels or declining mental health, and mitigates the risk to your business of these things going unchecked. 

For a thirty minute online demo and chat about how this can help your business, please email today. 


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