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Helping a global brand adopt in a local market, and to compete against changing digital booking behaviour. 


increased bookings of Accor hotels in NZ


increased revenue Year on Year


increased return on investment


Digital and web booking behaviour for consumers has changed drastically since the inception of online bookings. Users are destination focused, and online travel agents, comparative sites, now clog search, where intent behaviour lives.  

Being one of the largest hotel chains globally, a large challenge was to managing multiple hotel locations as well as connecting consumer interest to find them at the right time.

Our goal was to have Accor be found in times of need for consumers, and to help usher conversions through the accor website.  


With many hotels to manage, processes and strategy were put in play to manage as granulary each hotel, KPI's and measurement. We took booking rate into condeiration and pre-empted spend fluctuations with flexible budget methodology. An automated process was created to mange this.

A team of dedicated specialists were set to govern this process, as well as to identify, raise, solve custom scenarios. Kenshoo was also implemented in search to help optimisation performance.


When we took over the account, it was originally set with ROI as a the key bidding methodology, we adjusted to optimisations made towards bookings with the strategy to maximise availability of rooms.

This adjustment allowed better media budget balancing, maximising more rooms sold, increasing revenue, increasing ROI.