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lift in engagement rate due to cross channel targeting aligning with user behaviour throughout the day.


completion rate


above In-View time bench mark due to successfully optimising towards attention metrics


The objective of the campaign was to leverage programmatic media to empower Kiwi beer drinkers to feel comfortable drinking a beer in any situation, yet without comprising on taste or social perception; be that with breakfast in a café or at Friday work drinks before you hit the traffic for a weekend at the Bach.


To maximise the brand’s message, we used a longer 30 second format across a variety of channels and audiences to maximise efficient reach across specific audiences beyond beer drinkers.
The targeting was a mixture of broad and specific audiences to ensure we were able to generate as much reach across all possible beer drinkers, while also creating relevance through different channels.
We created an omni channel execution across connected TV, mobile, audio and video with unique messaging used for specific audiences based on consumer insights.
Through the examination of audience behaviour data, we were able to create a unique strategy that followed users throughout the day based on the media they consumed, delivering in environments that were more likely to drive the desired outcome, on a variety of devices. This in turn resulted in increased efficiencies in media investment as delivery was optimised towards placements with specific messaging at times that drove impact.


Improved Media Performance: delivered 97% completion across skippable formats vs. 40% benchmark.
Improved Effectiveness: measured mental availability through optimisation towards attention metrics.
Improved Efficiency: Cross device execution ensured optimal media investment versus contact frequency.

The campaign was wildly successful, for every dollar spent on media we delivered $5.51 back to Heineken.They even had to make a call to Amsterdam for them to send more beer!