Reclaiming leadership in renewable energy


different power retail brands to choose from within NZ


minutes- the amount of time people think about their power company a year


of New Zealanders prefer to engage with brands that have social and environmental commitments 


of New Zealanders agree they do everything they can to protect the environment


For over a decade, Meridian has generated energy from 100% renewable sources, generating more energy than anyone else without harming the environment.  

Consumer behaviour is also changing as the pressing issue of protecting our environment becomes more critical. An explosion of brands who were using greenwashing techniques to sell their products and services had started to crowd the market.

Research showed that ‘renewable’ was a concept that people couldn’t actually understand or articulate simply. The brand’s authentic point of difference – its 100% renewable energy generation – was getting lost. 

To appeal to its changing consumer and business market, it was time for the brand to take a clear leadership position on sustainability by making renewable energy meaningful to customers.


While renewable energy wasn’t necessarily relevant, the ingredients that generate this energy aren’t: wind, water and sun.

Kiwis are obsessed with the weather, we feel it keenly, and it’s a huge part of their lives. And though at times it can be a source of frustration, when harnessed correctly it can be used for good.

So we’d set out to celebrate the natural elements that produce our energy and by doing so demonstrate how Meridian is committed to using its power for good. 

The Idea

Make renewable energy simple to understand by hero-ing its 3 key ingredients: wind, water, sun. 

Together they provide ‘The Power to Make a Difference’.


This revitalised brand platform has had an immediate impact on customers understanding of renewable energy;

  • ‘100% renewable’ has from 39% to 47% = 21% growth
  • ‘Clean energy’ from 57% to 66% = 16% growth

And most importantly, the brand platform has had an immediate impact on their customer growth. 

  • “First mention consideration” (first brand that comes to mind that people would consider) has grown from 8 to 11% in past two months (pre vs post campaign launch).
  • While Meridian’s four biggest competitors have declined in customers since the campaign launched, Meridian have grown their customer base by 2%.