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increase in Digital Gross Written Premiums in 12 months 


increase for those who saw Tower as simple and easy


growth within the personal insurance market 


Tower’s new ELT decided insurance shouldn’t have to be so complicated and began a period of organisational transformation to simplify systems and processes for customers. 

But despite these positive changes, Tower were still seen as old, slow moving and difficult to deal with. As usual, perceptions were lagging behind the reality. 

We were tasked with driving New Zealanders to sign up with Tower online by creating a new brand platform that would challenge damaging perceptions of the brand. 

The Objective : To increase Digital GWP (Gross Written Premium) by 40%


Talking to consumers uncovered two powerful insights:

1. They want insurance to be easy, so they can get on with their lives

2. They want to be able to trust that we have their backs when things go wrong

This informed our new brand promise and CVP: “Simple and easy insurance from someone you can trust.”
We wanted New Zealanders to know that Tower will always do their utmost to keep insurance simple and set things right if they go wrong.

The idea: What the world does, we undo. This became the central message of the campaign. When things went wrong, Tower set them right quickly and without any fuss.

Undo also translated into an instantly recognisable visual style to use across TV, digital, billboards, print, and adshels. Attribution modelling was used to tailor the creative to what type of product our audience were interested in.


We more than doubled our target of increasing Digital GWP by 40%, with the campaign leading to a massive 85% increase.
Meanwhile our highly targeted creative that categorised consumers into thirty different audiences also drove excellent digital leads, quotes and conversion figures.

Highlights included:

• A 51% increase in Leads 

• A 46% increase in Quoted 

• A 45% increase in ‘Sold To’

Lastly, and most importantly, we got New Zealanders to take a fresh look at Tower. There was an average percentage increase of 33% for those who see Tower as simple and easy 

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