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Most viewed ad in 2019 on YouTube


Our challenge: Launch another ‘low carb’ beer into a saturated category where our key competitor outspent us by 3.9:1.* 

Since the launch of our low carb Export 33 (7 years prior), the ‘better for you’ (BFY) category exploded. 

We faced Increasing competition.  

  • Both Speights and Pure Blonde claimed lower carbs (70% - 80%) in their beers. 
  • 50% of drinkers were drinking less than they did 5 years ago**.
  • DB Export’s biggest competitor, Speight’s, introduced its own mainstream low-carb beer, Summit Ultra, with an ultra-large media budget (3.9 larger than ours)***. 
  • DB Export found itself losing share in a category it helped create. 


Permission to feel proud picking up a DB Export ELC and create an emotional connection was the key reason for creating a song. It was essential to apply this thinking when deciding what our ‘snackable’ media assets would be. We wanted people to feel like we were speaking to their specific everyday tasks. To make the beer relevant to ‘acts of love’. Brand resonance increases when ads are seen at the right moment, right environment and the right message, Relevance is key to emotional connection, so media was central to developing the audience insights that drove creative development. 

However, To gain cut through, first we had to make the song famous. Leading to a two-pronged approach:

1) Make the song famous

2) Make the beer hyper relevant to our consumers’ personal interests around ‘acts of love’


We catapulted ourselves to the number one beer in the low carb category and the #1 beer launch in NZ in 2019. Our media led creative and targeting strategy is now used as a best practice case study by YouTube. 

  • 5.4m Music video views, including 843K views on YouTube with an average view time over 2 minutes.
  • #1 - YouTube top ad viewed by kiwi’s in 2019 beating Air NZ and Lotto.
  • We set a new standard for YouTube Brand Lift Studies in NZ by delivering the highest ad recall lifts Google had on record at the time. 51.4% = best across all NZ verticals. 
  • #2 on the iTunes charts within 48 hours.
  • The song has been streamed over 5,000 times on Spotify.
  • We achieved a 7.3% lift in brand consideration on YouTube Brand Lift Survey