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Retirement villages. Moth-ridden, smell like cabbage and jammed with tea drinking old people. Right? Wrong.
But this was the perception for Metlifecare, NZ’s third largest retirement village provider.


over delivery of lead generation 


ROI generated for every dollar spent.


lift in unprompted awareness, taking top spot in the category


Increase unprompted awareness by 30% amongst the target audience (All People 75+).
Generate 2,200 leads - +20% YOY. To prove that Metlifecare was different, we needed to break away from the pack.


Our strategy was to invite non-residents into the world of Metlifecare, by leveraging their desire to learn and grow.

The role of media was twofold:
1. Tell the rich emotional stories of residents learning and growing through their passions.
2. Invite non-residents into a local village to see for themselves.

We convinced our client to invest 50% of their budget into content creation to tell the stories, and the other 50% to invite non-residents into a village. It was a major shift from their current approach. We partnered with NZME to bring our strategy to life.

Together we created the content-series ‘Makers Movement’

Makers Movement told the stories of residents learning new skills and sharing new found passions with others run as a 90” video. A shortened version ran as pre-rolls, and was created & ran across &, full page advertorials in Canvas and NZ Herald and via paid Facebook. 30” regional radio campaign using ZB and Coast.


2,429 leads generated Jan-June, >10% more than objective

143 happy new residents - the value of a resident varies, but for context the average cost to buy a village apartment is $600,000.

We generated $97.8m in revenue.

40% lift in unprompted awareness

We surpassed the top brand in the category (Ryman) for unprompted awareness.


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