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Leading Edge Communications is a fast paced Sales Channel Management company offering telecommunications sales and support services to some of NZ’s leading enterprise and SME organisations – keeping track of cases from over 200,000 customers needed more than inboxes.


With multiple service teams around the country managing over 200,000 customers Leading Edge needed to take their support to a new level to keep their competitive advantage.  They could see a clear opportunity to create greater efficiency with deeper automation in case management.  They also wanted to enhance their single view of customer with richer data on each case including prioritisation and more visible SLA’s for their teams to drive behaviour.  The situation was not ideal with some cases taking 4-5 days to resolve and their current systems creating severe frustration with team members.


Working closely with Leading Edge, Davanti built an approach to the management of these cases by enabling the service console in their existing Salesforce solution.  Setting up an automated approach with routing rules, SLA’s, approvals, alerts and short cuts.  Critically, the solution moved information out of people’s inboxes and into the Service Cloud.

There is now far greater information at the service reps fingertips with a complete view of each case and associated SLA in the service console. The Managers dashboards allow the team’s leaders to review progress on the move and jump in to help and guide if needed.


The results for customers have been incredible, case resolution came down from 4-5 days to 2-3hrs and generated a 50% improvement in meeting targeted SLA’s.  The use of the service console means greater collaboration between all parties and has turned a fragmented view into one of complete visibility.  This ability to demonstrate their value proposition in a competitive market is proving to be a highly effective customer retention and acquisition tool.  Equally importantly the solution has lifted team morale and lowered staff turnover. 


Davanti linked by Isobar is a business and technology consultancy with deep expertise in customer engagement.  Our capability is built around design & user experience, cloud architecture, Salesforce.com and mobility working with NZ’s leading commercial enterprises and government organisations.

Davanti’s focus is business-led, delivering personalised experiences across every customer touchpoint.  We do this by bringing together our nimble, agile and talented team of designers, strategists, technologists, marketers and CRM experts who come together to solve a problem.

Collaborators at heart, we share our knowledge and experience with our clients. We don’t assume to know our clients’ businesses better than they do. We tap into our client’s expertise and combine this with our different perspectives and wide experiences to deliver measurable business outcomes. 

Davanti means staying ahead.  It’s what we help our clients do.