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Despite having a category-disrupting weight management supplement ready to go to market, we faced the massive challenge of launching a product in a category incredibly tainted by competitors and negative consumer perceptions, all with a media budget of only $40,000.

We needed to;
1.        Reframe “cheating” as leveraging a support mechanism
2.        Make weight control empowering and appear achievable
3.        Fit seamlessly into people’s existing everyday routines 


Using a small cross-discipline team working in an agile method, we completed qualitative and quantitative research, both domestically and in the US market. This enabled us to define a fully-informed brand strategy, build their communication platform and visual brand identity, design their packaging and launch campaign concept & collateral, as well as managing their media in both the NZ and US markets.

We also consulted on their IT infrastructure, built their e-commerce platform and integrated it with their logistic software. 


From campaign launch the website was flooded by intrigued and interested consumers – hopeful that Calocurb could become an important part in achieving their weight management goals. We saw sustained organic engagement with the site – visitors spending more time and a resulting conversion rate of an impressive 7.5%.

In only 4 months, we delivered huge net profit for Calocurb generated by our campaign with a ROMI of 233.2%.

Furthermore, feedback came in thick and fast from Calocurb subscribers who went from saying ‘goodbye’ to cravings and ‘hello’ to their new, improved, more empowered selves:

"I feel in control for the first time in my life."  

“With this little helper in my pocket I feel confident and strong. I no longer cry and hate myself for failing and wondering why I can’t stop eating.”  


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