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Being first in market to launch booking capability for medical imagery and screening. Helping Aucklanders find the right medical screens and scans, aiding them to speed up tedious booking processes.


bookings within 6 weeks


sustained increase in traffic from before and after launch


increase in engagement of users on the site


Traditionally, booking services for medical screens and scans are booked in via snail mail, telephone, and only through GP referral. Mercy Radiology wanted to be the first organisation which allowed consumers to find clinics and book using the website and mobile devices.

With data suggesting digitisation would be a good approach, Mercy radiology wanted to launch and test consumer behaviour. Ultimately, wanting to drive consumer behaviour to use the booking form.


We provided a Channel and Engagement Launch and Test, which forecasted success against assumptions on existing business, website, and non-existing media performance.

To help the launch of the product, the team underwent research to investigate where consumers engaged with the Mercy Radiology website, where did drop off occur, and the best strategic placement of the booking engine. To start the initial launch we modeled all modalities (scans and procedures) and identified a core set to begin with.

Through our analysis, we identified core content pieces which would drive maximum probability of booking conversion. Also we were able to recommend form changes and key consumer behaviour that the engine needed to account for. The technical component was to implement a sophisticated tracking solution to measure each view, click, etc, through the booking portal.

This information advised messaging and bidding strategy prior and during media launch.


In a short time, we were able to start users on thier journey to complete complex booking sessions, helping Aucklanders speed up needed assitance on thier medical journeys. Alleviating adminsitrative and operational time from Mercy Radiology to manage bookings manually.

We were able to implement a complex measurement plan, allowing us to help inform better user experience for the website, and also ways to implement media. Also driving limited budgets to its limits, increasing visibility for key modalities in Auckland.


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