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In line with House of Travel’s above-the-line brand launch (Better Together) we invited the nation to Get A Better Bucket List. The campaign centred around an intuitive and intelligent microsite, that allowed consumers to “chat” with Lucy about their ultimate holiday destinations and experiences.


of KPIs exceeded within the first month (of a three month campaign)


conversion rate


actual competition entries vs goal of 8,400


House of Travel were launching an above-the-line campaign, bringing back “Lucy” as the face of the brand. Their new positioning centred around the idea that holidays are “Better together”. Our role was to create a digital component of the campaign by developing a tool that could live on beyond the campaign.


The “Get A Better Bucket List” idea was form and at the heart sat a microsite. The bucket list was used as a shorthand way of communicating “once in a lifetime travel experiences” and invited New Zealanders to give their list an upgrade. We recommended a promotional aspect to the campaign, to increase traffic to the microsite, where travellers could enter their dream holiday to win it for real – as well as get inspired about their next big trip.


The campaign ran over a three month period with KPIs being met within the first month. The competition received 12,000 entries versus a goal of 8,400, delivering a 79% conversion rate.


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