As businesses prepare to come out of lockdown and open their premises to the public, it is even more important to ensure they are ready with the tools and processes to avoid the transmission of COVID-19.  Businesses can continue to deliver great customer experience by efficiently managing wait lines while ensuring customers and staff feel safe coming into their stores and branches.  Davanti has taken a proactive approach in creating a solution which has already caught the attention of our clients, across the Retail, Financial Services and Government services sectors. 

Introducing our Queue Management and Contact Tracing application

A highly configurable, simple mobile platform for businesses, allowing real-time view of customers in their stores. Delivered as-a- service for simple management, set-up and flexibility.

Omni Channel

Recognising the differing needs of NZ businesses based on the customer bases they serve, the platform has been built to allow queue registration across multiple channels – Web, Mobile, QR quick links and SMS.

Dashboard and reporting for meaningful insights

At-a-glance view provides real-time visibility across all different stores and insights on the foot traffic coming in and out.  It allows you to take any necessary actions around staff allocation and wait/service times.

It allows you to start the process of collecting key data immediately, and provides accurate time stamping for customer visits to assist with Contact Tracing efforts.  

SMS triggered alerts for delivering exceptional customer experience

This solution helps your customers minimise their wait times by letting them know estimated wait times and notify them of when they are ready to enter the store.

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