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How WiTH Collective and CARAT are helping ASB get messages of support to our community heroes.

Right now, New Zealanders are in isolation, off the streets and in their homes. All except those deemed essential services - the people who are keeping Kiwis safe, and our country functioning - healthcare workers of all kinds, those who help keep our streets clean, keep our power on, make sure we’ve got clean water to drink and food to eat. 

With the general public indoors, out of home placements are sitting dormant. That's why we’re using our digital D4 out-of-home network to let those who are indoors say thank you to those who are on the streets risking their health to secure ours.  

Together with our client ASB, we’re turning billboards into a medium designed specifically for the only people who’ll see them - workers deemed essential to keep New Zealand safe and functioning - delivering a huge #ESSENTIALTHANKS to these legendary Kiwi heroes. 

Through LUMO Digital’s impressive vehicular monitoring camera technology, which is available on all their billboards, ASB are only being charged for “verified impressions” - in other words, when we know a Kiwi hero has driven past a site. The dynamic ability of D4 means that at any time, the campaign and its billboards can be paused, updated or amended and ASB will only be charged for the number of eyes on the billboard, a very different way of outdoor trading.  

Through our owned channels, paid social posts and our influencer network, we’ll encourage New Zealand to submit their messages of thanks to run on the billboards. All people have to do is comment on our lead posts with a thank you message and their profile pic.  

Then, once the love starts rolling in, we’ll run messages on our D4 network, regularly updating them to show our essential workers how much Kiwis across the country appreciate their hard work. 

We’ll manually select the messages to share, providing words of thanks and support to those still on the streets. As an extension we can geo target messages to target essential businesses that are still open. 

All comms driving messages to the billboards, as well as the billboards themselves will be ASB-branded. The brand will spearhead the campaign, pouring its resources into these support boards for the people on the streets who need it most.  

In this way, the brand will remain relevant throughout the unfolding crisis, while getting out there and doing some good for the community. 

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