Her Heart, Vision, Impact

Meet the women redefining success, where ambition meets heart and innovation intertwines with tradition. Their stories are vibrant narratives of wisdom, courage, and style, complemented by a sincere commitment to community. Witness the boundless energy with which they transform the world.

Prepare to be inspired.

  1. Steering with Heart
  2. Community Leader, Family-First
  3. Conservative & Knowledge
  4. Forging Ahead in New Tech Wave
  5. Active Mobile & Social Users
  6. Health-Attentive VS Stress
  7. Image-Conscious Influencer
  8. Cultural & Novelty-Seeker
  9. Trust Relevant Ads & Brands
  10. Interactive Engagement


dentsuHER is a set of customizable and scalable go-to-market propositions that enables brands in Hong Kong to address the hugely underserved but increasingly powerful affluent female audience. Fronted by a cross-practice senior female leadership team, dentsuHER aims to provide clients a breakthrough in customer segmentation, especially in traditionally male-focused verticals that are currently missing out on a high level of potential spending by this segment. This includes wealth management, investment, automobile, alcoholic beverages, property, and more.

dentsuHER's ambition is to unlock new growth avenues for our clients by going beyond traditional advertising and tapping into innovative solutions such as business transformation, product designs, and customer experience. dentsuHER's vision is through what we do, we can impact beyond communication but our industry, our culture and our society.

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