Message from our CEO, Rob Gilby of dentsu APAC

2024: The year of the Wood Dragon 

A year of hope, growth and prosperity through purposeful nourishment and attention. 

Like the year of the wood dragon, 2024 signifies solid beginnings. Brands that have a clear promise, and have their values deeply interwoven into their experience, have thrived... Asia-Pacific continues to be a region of opportunity. The region is expected to drive 60% of global GDP growth, becoming the wealthiest region in the world, by 2030. Southeast Asia is set to emerge as a green industry power player and consumer confidence is on track for a rebound...This coming year, dentsu will turn 123-years old. Dentsu has continued to stay relevant through our relentless commitment to the power of innovation, creativity and purpose. Good innovation. This year and for years to come it will be the power of ideas and creativity that will help unite society around a common purpose. 

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In 2024, the three foundational forces of AI, Sustainability and Creativity will continue to steer innovation directions, revolutionize markets, drive sustained growth and inspire hope for a better tomorrow.


Levers that brands must harness to master the Now.


Future-focused proprietary research and insights to help you navigate what's Next.


Thought-leadership to help your brand stay resilient and stay ahead of the curve.

Mastering the Now: Your success and longevity will depend on how well you master these three fundamental forces shaping the world of business and our human experiences.

Above image featuring (L-R): Lydia Ng, Shray Chawla and Yattu Widders-Hunt. Bottom image featuring Rashmi Vikram.

DEI Report 2023

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe in the power of people, our people, to transform society through the work we do for our clients, our collaborations with various partners and through our own efforts to create a culture that fosters creativity and authentic individuality at dentsu.

From our efforts to increase LGBT+ representation across our network by creating a culture of inclusivity and community, to investing in talent development programs focused on emerging and established female leaders, including investing in community-centric career programs, our actions and partnerships have enabled stellar work done for our clients and brands.

Our Regional Chief Equity Officer at dentsu APAC, Rashmi Vikram explores how we've progressed in our latest DEI Report.

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Navigating the Next: Our most future-focused research is a window into the dynamic landscape of the next decade and beyond.

Scaling Your Impact with tag

Tag helps brands stand out and sell more by delivering impactful content at speed and scale across all channels and geographies. With technology and sustainable solutions at the heart of everything they do, Tag enables brands to operate more efficiently and effectively by doing more with less.

From content creation and activation to sourcing and delivery, analytics, and subject matter expertise, Tag transcends digital and physical touchpoints to allow brand content and concepts to travel globally and connect locally through flexible solutions that grow alongside your brand and objectives.

Tag transforms creative ideas into exceptional experiences that enables clients to meet their audiences in the right place, at the right time, and with the right message.

Explore inspiring work from across our Asia Pacific offices.

Work we love

It's increasingly hard for brands to stand out and capture attention. At dentsu, we look beyond captivating attention, we strive to innovate despite uncertainty, with data at the heart of everything we do for our clients, we deliver results that drive growth. Our favourite case studies from across APAC will definitely spark a few lightbulb moments.

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Most prestigious regional awards - Regional Network of the Year APAC at Cannes, Regional Agency of the Year, Campaign Asia and Network of the Year at Adfest.


Highly-sought after accolades for agency recognition and victorious campaigns.


Awards for Best Performing Campaigns across numerous categories and verticals.


151 bronze, and countless runner up awards and shortlists for top performance.

Roadmap to Resilience: Thought-leadership with immediately applicable insights from APAC.

Creating brand love through fandom


The gaming sector in APAC has continued its remarkable growth trajectory in 2023. The rise of AI, Web3, and other innovative technologies has led to major transformative shifts in the gaming landscape. New opportunities have emerged for creators and marketers to engage with their target audience and leave an everlasting impression. 

Jamie Mcconville, Client Development Director, dentsu APAC Solution shares important insights and strategies that brands can adopt. Read on to level up your marketing game. 

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Navigating China

Dentsu’s bi-annual “Navigator” survey series reports on the priorities, opportunities, challenges and areas of investment that are top of mind for CMOs focused on China. Click through to access the first two instalments of this tripartite series and watch this space for the release of our final instalment early 2024, Innovation Navigator.

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Future of Entertainment

"Entertainment is how we relax, connect and create culture. The future of marketing will be determined by how entertainment evolves.” Prerna Mehrotra, Chief Client Officer, dentsu APAC.