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Funlab wanted to use data to power their marketing and brand. By identifying the impact of their brand and campaigns, they could derive insights from the data to ultimately benefit Funlab's consumers and valued guests. 

During the pandemic, Funlab saw a positive change in behaviour to their online presence and sales — they wanted to rebuild their online sales funnel through qualitative and quantitative customer data that resulted in an optimised experience.

Funlab's 3 key objectives were:

  1. Experience — Recreating the physical experiences of Funlab in the digital world; a frictionless digital experience
  2. Optimisation — Gaining value and never wasting a single New Guest opportunity
  3. Data — Having a 360-degree view of guests and having actionable data to drive value for the brand and their guests


Merkle Australia took into mind the ambition of Funlab's growth and scale in Australia — as well as globally. In order to develop that, a strong foundation must be built. Funlab and Merkle worked closely together to develop a flexible CMS system that is all modular-based which allows the brand to grow as many websites as needed into the Funlab ecosystem.

Not only did they look to developing and rebuilding CMS system, but this collaboration also looked at the booking flow for Funlab. To supercharge this booking flow, they had to match it to what the customer wants, making it more optimised.


With optimising the booking flow, there was a big uplift in bookings. And to tie all their data sources together, Salesforce was also brought in. Funlab was able to connect a lot of siloed information that initially had gaps before providing a 360 Degree view of guests.

Funlab were able to build out a proper technical for the digital transformation. They were also develop a new product called the Fun Pass; a subscription to Fun and this has helped the brand get customers through the door and increase guest lifetime value.


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