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According to Thai beliefs and many people who visit Thailand, spirits are seen as a means to prosperity and a source of protection. If a person requests something from a spirit and that prayer is granted, one must return to the shrine and give an offering.

For years, votive offerings in the shape of animals, especially zebras, have become increasingly popular at shrines and spirit houses across Thailand. Which amount to more than 100,000 votive figures per year. These figures require huge amounts of plaster materials which create difficulties in the hidposal process and contribute to worsening PM2.5 pollution.


'Zero Pollution Zebra' a revolution of votive figures which are environmentally friendly and self-degradable. 'Zero Pollution Zebra' is made from agricultural waste mixed with fungi as a natural glue. It then goes through the process of drying and forming the shape before painting with eco-friendly paint. When these figures come to waste disposal, they can turn into soil and natural fertiliser. No incineration process is needed which makes them 100% unpolluted.


  • Over 20 million baht free earned media value
  • The campaign was presented by over 30 media outlets
  • The campaign set a better standard for similar products in the market to create a cleaner more sustainable environment

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